UNPO’s Hmong Newsletter

Discover the First Edition of UNPO's Hmong Newsletter!

Have you ever heard of the Hmong people living in Laos?

Did you know that during the Vietnam War, the American army led a “Secret War” with their help?

Did you know that today, a couple of them live in the hostile Laotian jungle, fleeing persecution by the government?

UNPO has decided to launch a series of newsletters focusing on the Hmong ChaoFa. Because the world can no longer turn a blind eye on the gross human rights violations committed against them, this campaign aims at raising awareness about the plight of the Hmong living in the Laotian jungle.

Download the May 2017 edition of the UNPO Hmong Newsletter here and follow the campaign on social media with the hashtag: #HmongInIsolation.

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