The New Face of Fascism in Italy

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Far-right extremist movements are on the rise across Europe. Known for their xenophobia and hard-line nationalism, they are adept at using social media to amplify their message, recruit, and organize.

In Italy, the group CasaPound, who describe themselves as "neo-fascists," are unabashed about their support and admiration for former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

Learn more about CasaPound and why the movement is growing in support.

In December 2011, a CasaPound sympathizer killed two Senegalese street vendors and wounded three others before killing himself. Our partner Demos has done a fascinating study based on the group’s Facebook presence. You’ll be surprised by the findings.

How is CasaPound different from other extreme right-wing groups, and what motivates its supporters? Read what the author of the study has to say.

What’s your response to the findings? How do you think citizens and politicians should respond to the rise of groups like CasaPound?

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Eleanor Kelly
Communications Officer for Europe