Sophie in ‘t Veld: safe march at Budapest Pride

08/07/2012, eldr newsletter
Pride in Budapest

Despite earlier threats and the mayor’s unwillingness to support the event, Budapest Pride 2012 took place safely on Saturday 7 July. 3,000 marchers took to the streets protected by riot police. Present at the march, Dutch Liberal MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld (Vice-President of the LGBT Intergroup in the European Parliament) said: “This year’s Budapest Pride was a great celebration and the police did a good job in providing protection in a calm and professional manner. However, politicians would contribute more to security by ending the climate of homophobia, so that massive police protection is no longer needed. The mayor of Budapest should consider marketing for his city: rampant homophobia, or an open, tolerant approach to diversity.” In ’t Veld was interviewed in Budapest: