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Institut Montaigne is pleased to share with you "Rebooting Europe’s China Strategy”, a policy paper co-authored by François Godement, Institut Montaigne’s Senior Advisor for Asia, Ian Bond (Centre for European Reform, CER), Hanns W. Maull and Volker Stanzel (German Institute for International and Security Affairs, SWP). 

The starting point of this new publication is the observation that while China is an inescapable partner, systemic rivalry dominates Europe-China relations over competition and cooperation aspects. China is now almost a textbook version of a modern totalitarian state, and the CCP leadership uses globalization against the West.

The four authors provide a wide-angle assessment of China’s current trajectory and of the stakes for Europe. Their analysis is structured around three main questions. Can Europe avoid a costly decoupling from China? Is it possible to maintain mutually beneficial ties while remaining true to European values and interests? How can Europe play its cards right while navigating the US-China new “cold war”, and assert itself globally? 

The policy paper concludes with a set of concrete and detailed recommendations addressed to European decision-makers, and argues that the time has come for Europe to undertake a major effort in its external relations through a rebooted China strategy.

A joint word from Henri de Castries, Charles Grant and Stefan Mair

“We are pleased to introduce to you ‘Rebooting Europe’s China Strategy’. This report is the work of Ian Bond, François Godement, Hanns Maull and Volker Stanzel from our three institutes, and it has benefitted from the editing support of our staff.
We hope it will be of interest to policy-makers as well as to the general public. The content and recommendations from this report are under the sole responsibility of its authors.”

Henri de Castries, Chairman, Institut Montaigne
Charles Grant, Director, The Centre for European Reform
Stefan Mair, Chair of the Board and Director, German Institute for International and Security Affairs


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