Haratin, esclaus avui i (ben aprop d’)aquí


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Help former slaves get an education! #EducationSpellsFreedom

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Help us provide Haratin women and children
with an education!
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Haratin women and children are the most affected by slavery and social discrimination in Mauritania. As women and children, they face double-discrimination. Even if they are freed or if they manage to escape, they're often forced to return to their former masters due to poverty and illiteracy. 

We at UNPO want to change this. 

We believe that providing Haratin women and children with an education is essential to empowering them and enabling them to overcome this perpetual cycle of oppression. With an education, they will have a chance at alternative livelihoods!

Your donation will have a tangible impact on the lives of former slaves.

Our crowdfunding campaign aims to raise €4,000 to build a classroom for Haratin women and children and provide them with lessons and study materials.

Donate now and give a Haratin woman or child the gift of an education!

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