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With the year coming to a close and holiday season fast approaching, we take a look back at some of our highlights and major topic issues from 2023, with some top picks from ELF projects and publications.

Flagship Events

Celebrating 15 years of ELF and the 2023 Liberal Award winners 

In September, we marked the 15th anniversary of ELF by bringing together our political family to look back over shared accomplishments and reflect on our goals for the future. Voices from the liberal family including Alexander De Croo, Belgian PM, Kaja Kallas, Estonian PM and Stephane Sejourne, President of the Renew Europe Group addressed the audience.

This year’s Liberal Awards put the spotlight on the achievements of outstanding liberals in three categories. Prime Minister Kaja Kallas was honoured as the Liberal of the Year, Rainbow Platform Founder Luis Cano as the Rising Star and MEP Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian PM, received the Lifetime Achievement award. 


Rebooting Europe’s operating system at Techno-Politics Forum 

It has become more important than ever to align technology with societal and democratic values rather than allow it to dictate our lives.

Techno-Politics steps into this new, future-oriented way of thinking. Techno-Politics Forum brought together industry leaders and politicians with a shared vision: turning challenges into innovation and problems into solutions. This year’s edition of the conference focused on three critical spheres – clean energy, connectivity and artificial intelligence.  


The Fight for Equality

Alliance of Her 

The Alliance of Her (AOH) project creates an important space to empower women in Europe to lead, in pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive future for all. In 2023 the AOH prepared a new class of passionate voices for leadership through the Academy and expanded the Allies and Alumnae Network, creating a powerful network sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration. 


Rainbow Platform

The Rainbow Platform initiative elevates LGBTQI+ voices by creating role models who can inspire political engagement and change, redefining how we approach diversity in politics and within our organisations. This year, the Academy took part in three Circles of Diversity sessions, providing empowerment and education that supports the participants to succeed in leadership roles.  



A new European security architecture, fit for the challenges of the 21st century   

In 2023, Europe continued to push against the ever-present threats to its security and democracies. Europe's security landscape has traditionally relied on the United States to provide collective defence. However, recent conflicts on European soil have exposed critical vulnerabilities in the existing security structures. 

Our recent study, edited by Francesco Cappelletti, ELF Senior Policy & Research Officer, provides a comprehensive and policy-oriented proposal to tackle such challenges to European security and the EU’s response.


Ukraine's reconstruction and future relations with the EU 

A free and stable Europe is only possible with a free and stable Ukraine. To achieve that, we must move forward and create a more detailed roadmap for Ukraine’s EU accession.  
In our study, edited by Dr. Maria Alesina, ELF Policy & Research Officer, we lay out policy solutions on areas such as the EU accession process, post-war recovery and reconstruction, and other underexplored domains for partnership in which Ukraine can also benefit the EU


Every new crisis is a potential step forward for Europe 

Over the past decade, there was no shortage of crises, shaking the European Union. But every new challenge means a potential step toward deeper cooperation between member states.  
The third edition of the Future Europe Journal published earlier this year, looks into the multi-faceted EU crisis management and determines the effective methods for the long-term transformation of member states, markets and the Union as a whole.


EU Enlargement: Applying the staged integration model 

Progress of the integration in the Western Balkan regions has been stagnant for many years, but Ukraine's candidacy can act as a catalyst for reform. Thus, the need for EU enlargement has become increasingly evident and supported, but the practicalities remain an open question. In response, ELF advocates for the innovative staged integration model to optimise the accession process.

Authors Dragana Jaćimović and Yuliia Shaipova, have assessed the potential application of the new staged integration approach to EU enlargement in the cases of Montenegro and Ukraine and whether this model can address the gaps in the current enlargement methodology.   


Top Podcasts

Identity politics and tribalism with Nikos Sotirakopoulos 

How is growing polarisation poisoning our culture and society? Nikos Sotirakopoulos, Author and Visiting Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, joins host Ricardo Silvestre to discuss identity politics and the rise of a ‘tribalist mindset’ in creating a toxic public sphere.   


European Strategic Autonomy: President Macron and China 

Building bridges or decoupling from China? Sylvie Kauffmann, Editorial Director at Le Monde joins Leszek Jażdżewski to talk about French position on China, involvement in Taiwan and transatlantic relations, as well as the future of strategic autonomy within the EU. 


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