genocidi yazidi, la sàdica destrucció d’un món

NB: aquest apartat específic s'obre a 8-II-2021, però en la subsecció corresponent de 'notícies' hi hi ha info especialment al voltant de la pèrdua, i reconquesta, del Sinjar, el seu petit-país.
A dalt a la dreta hi hi ha un bon cercador.

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A mass funeral honors 103 victims of ISIS

Ivor Prickett for The New York Times
On Saturday, the remains of 103 victims, members of the Yazidi ethnic minority group, were returned to the village of Kojo, Iraq, where, seven years earlier, ISIS rounded up and shot them, dumping their bodies into mass graves. The massacre became synonymous with the group’s campaign of genocide against the small religious minority.

After the plain wooden coffins were buried, above, relatives threw themselves on the grave sites, tearing at their hair, screaming in anguish and calling to their loved ones. One woman, doubled over with grief, recalled the new clothes her husband had bought just days before he was taken away and murdered. Another sobbed: “Oh my little brother, my little heart!”

8-II-21, nytimes