"Patriotism, substitute of nationalism", Rafa Villaró

Let's start by concluding: patriotism is a euphemism for nationalism, mere synonyms.

A euphemism that usually uses that nationalist who acts as a nationalist from the denial of his status as a nationalist.
That is, that experience, so widespread, fixed by Michel Billig as 'banal nationalism'.
That living every day nationalism as natural as the flag of the square of the Constitution of Mexico is what it is.

The euphemism patriotism is no more, no less, synonymous with nationalism. As it is synonymous with nationalist and christen the russian "Great Patriotic War", the Roman "Altare Della Patria" or "Todo por la Patria" of the barracks of the Guardia Civil. Is patriotism nationalist ?, or vice versa?

And is that, how many people who deny being a nationalist are thrilled with their, "your" national team? How much to see your, "your", national flag? Is not your Homeland your Nation? (and vice versa)
Some say the difference between patriotism, as a place of all the virtues of political collective, and nationalism like that of all his misfortunes; while from more academic positions it seeks nationalism and patriotism embed on double classic ethnic nationalism vs civic nationalism, on Herder vs Renan ...

It is not necessary to resort to dictionaries and encyclopedias to verify the interchangeability between patriotism and nationalism.
Well if the Nation or the Homeland (both mounts ...) is the political priority, nationalism or patriotism (... mounts so much) we speak.
NB: is indistinct described as nationalist or patriotic the war between El Salvador and Honduras because of a football match.

And it is that if the political priority is freedom, it is liberalism. And if there is a "(my) Patria first", no.
We conclude by starting. To be rigorous, demanding, (self) critical, respectful, ... free.

10-II-19, Rafa Villaró