Itàlia: partitocràcia, 1 - Salvini, 0

Resultat d'imatges per a El polémico ministro del Interior de Italia es marginado en un pacto para un nuevo gobierno. Las acciones de Matteo Salvini para forzar elecciones anticipadas y ascender al cargo de primer ministro no le rindieron frutos. El político antimigrante y de derecha extrema está a punto de quedar fuera del gobierno, pues ayer se formó una coalición [en inglés] del Partido Demócrata y el Movimiento Cinco Estrellas que mantendrá como primer ministro a Giuseppe Conte, a quien Salvini había intentado expulsar.

TNYTimes, 29-VIII-19

Matteo Salvini, in a twist, is sidelined in Italy

Italy’s warring political parties struck a deal late Wednesday to form a new government that shunted aside Matteo Salvini, the far-right populist leader.
Whether the new coalition lasts — or can function — is unclear. But the turnabout was a relief to the European establishment after more than a year of euroskeptic provocations, anti-migrant crackdowns and flouting of the bloc’s financial rules.
Details: The leaders of the Five Star Movement and the center-left Democratic Party, which is poised to return from the opposition, said that they had overcome bitter differences and agreed that the outgoing prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, should be prime minister again.

Mr. Conte will meet with President Sergio Mattarella this morning, and he is expected to be formally handed the mandate to form a government.